Clean Natural Gut Friendly Energy

What is Amazake?

Amazake is a traditional Japanese fermented health drink. It is made from rice and has a smooth sweet flavour. It is naturally gluten free and is made from 100% plant goodness so its also suitable for vegans. The fermentation process allows nutrients in the rice to become more available for beneficial gut bacteria – hence Amazake’s reputation as an amazing gut friendly drink.

Who are brubiotics?

Brubiotics was founded by myself, Colum Harrington in October 2020. Our goal is to help our customers find new and innovative ways to enjoy fermented foods.

Our name is a nod to our beautiful location in the heart of the Boyne Valley (Brú na Bóinne) Co Meath, Ireland, combined with our passion for naturally fermented and living foods (biotics).

We are lucky to be supported by Meath Local Enterprise Office and we are proud to be part of the Supervalu Food Academy 2021, supported by Bord Bia. 

Our Flavours

We created two tasty Amazake shots which are packed full of nutrients and designed to boost your day the natural way.

Matcha Tea is said to benefit immunity and energy levels and its distinctive taste is balanced perfectly by the sweetness of Amazake. We love making Amazake Matcha Latte’s as a great alternative to coffee when we need a mid-morning boost.

Ginger & Turmeric Amazake is a traditional combination which is famed in Japan for its anti-inflammatory and protective qualities. It also helps with exercise recovery and provides a great kick start to the day.


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